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Last fall while recording her debut EP for her new label, Solaris Entertainment she was given a demo of a new song to hear by her co-producer and music director Jeff Bohannon.  This was odd for Morgan considering she writes 90 percent of what she records.  Handing her a new song from another writer was a bit confusing.  Was Jeff telling her in a round about way she needs new material or was it just that he didn't care for the selections she made from her catalog.   As it turned out, it was neither.  In fact it couldn't have been a more packaged compliment dressed as a song.  Jeff liked her voice so much that he pulled out one of his own compositions, recorded it as a duet, and asked Morgan to record it with him.   Word soon got out and before too long both Jeff and Morgan were answering questions about this big mystery song.  Morgan let a few people hear the song as it was despite in still in its stage of evolving.   Apparently that didn't matter.  It was so good, people began adding it onto their playlists and some of those same people would listen to the song through their car stereos allowing literally thousands of others to hear it.  

Fast forward to this past month when Solaris finally told Morgan they were going to Nashville to shoot a new music video for the very same song.   Solaris had a plan for this song from the moment it was heard.  This song is the best song I've ever had the privilege to touch and in my opinion its the song that has the best opportunity to chart at the very top of any in my career" Michael Bloom, Owner of Solaris Entertainment recently said in an interview.

 Morgan Riley is on track to give her dream the best opportunity to come true. Her journey has been one that would test anyone’s faith. Morgan has remained determined despite the struggle the last 13 years, which was no fault of her own, just a couple shady characters who took advantage of her enthusiasm.  Today however, she knows she’s really hit her stride and is on track, finally getting to be herself. She has received a Carolina Music Award nomination for Best Country Female Artist and released her first new tracks in several years just a couple months ago.  One of the new songs she’s recording is an original written just for her by Country Music Hall of Fame member and multiple Grammy Award winner, Paul Overstreet.  It’s a dream come true Morgan said, “Paul Overstreet invited me to his home, and told me he had a song he wrote for me. Can someone pinch me please! Paul is one of the most prolific songwriters of all time according to the Country Music Hall of Fame.” This is one or several reason’s she feels she is right where she is supposed to be.

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