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Singer/Songwriter Morgan Riley began her career at a early age. A Maryland native, at the age of 5 Morgan began performing at weddings, parties and special events. With the support of her dad and family Morgan decided to take her musical talent to the next level and at the age of 15 started to record in local recording studios. Morgan spent several years enrolling in performance and singing classes to perfect her talent untill at the age of 18 she finally recorded her own songs.  Although Morgan had been singing and performing for many years she had not yet found her sound. Morgan spent several years performing in the genres of pop and r&b with groups and as a solo performer. Morgan has had the privilage of working with a variety of very talented producers and has recorded several albums with them. Morgan is a firm believer in everything happening for a reason which led her back to her roots of writing and performing country music. Morgan took her pop and R&b influences and combined them with her country roots to develope her new sound and started to write songs to give counrty music lovers a new edge on traditional country. Her latest album "collage" gives music listeners just that, a mix of all these genres yet with a strong country dominance. Morgan was the first female artist to release a country rap song and has been nominated for numerous awards. Morgan feels blessed to be where she is in her life now and her journey continues with a new chapter in her life with Solaris Entertainment, Sony music and apple music. Morgan feels blessed to be working with music producer Michael Bloom. Along with her band, Morgan is excited to be developing a vibrant new sound that pushes her writing even farther to include more than just country, New music is coming soon   


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